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Our Fave Books

Sharing some books from our collection over the years for readers of all ages!

Oh, the Places You'll Go

The Places.jpg

The title of this book is Oh, the Places You'll Go.

It is by Dr. Seuss.

And published by Harper Collins.

We chose this book because it resonated with our new little bubba trying to figure out his new world.

Our favourite character is the boy journeying through the book! 

Parts of the book we like most include the quirky characters and motivational messaging.

Who might enjoy it? Someone reading the book to a younger someone, there is so much wisdom and encouragement in there!

Our final comments.. A beautiful sentimental gift, one could read this over and over and we love the abundance of quotes!

Starting School

Book Starting School.JPG

The title of this book is Starting School.

It is by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker.

And published by Penguin Australia Pty Ltd.

We chose this book because we thought it would be a nice one to become familiar with as our schooling years commenced!

Our favourite characters are Polly and Angus. Polly resonated with our little one and Angus does some quirky things we may have all seen before ;).

Parts of the book we like most include the drawings at the start, which give an insight into each student's personality and when everyone is playing together.

Who might enjoy it? Children 3+ years reading along with an adult (as the book is instructional / conversational) and of course, those starting school!

Our final comments.. Lots of relatable scenarios found in a primary school setting, reading along with an adult initially may help in understanding each and sparking conversations about what to and not to do, starting school can be daunting but the illustrations are soft and comforting :) - it's like a teaching resource which can be referred to again and again!

Why do we need a potty


The title of this book is Why do we need a potty?

It is by Katie Daynes and Marta Álvarez Miguéns.

And published by Usborne Publishing Ltd.

We chose this book because it is secretly an all time fave! How could it not be with the little ones and their ever ready poops and peeps jokes lol..

Our favourite characters are the twins, they do so well with their potty training!

Parts of the book we like most include when the twins are playing with their potties (it's NOT a boat - but it can float!) and when potty training is a success *cheer*.

Who might enjoy it? Anyone in learning mode from 2 years-ish, families and little brothers and sisters.

Our final comments.. Educational, instructional and a lift the flap style makes the book interactive and fun to read, it's very cute hearing your little one explain what is happening for each part too he he he.

The Sour Grape

Book Sour Grape.png

The title of this book is The Sour Grape.

It is by Jory John and Pete Oswald.

And published by HarperCollins Children's Books.

We chose this book because Our Montessori has been reading "The Good Egg" from the same series!

Our favourite characters are the orange (because it is so smiley), grandparent grapes and sweet grape ;).

Parts of the book we like most include when the grape is sweet and the birthday party!

Who might enjoy it? Readers of all ages and educators. 

Our final comments.. Adorably written with the cutest puns, illustrations and a beautiful message, reminding us "If you look at things in the right sort of way - and if you remember to be kind, considerate, forgiving and grateful - life can be pretty sweet". *Sigh*, definitely a feel good book for all!

Super Mario

Book Mario.PNG

The title of this book is Super Mario.

It is by Steve Foxe.

And published by Golden Books.

We chose this book because Mario is all the rage in our household from the games, movie, figurines, you name it! Also, we love all the characters ( but..

Our favourite characters are Princess Peach, Yoshi and Toad.

Parts of the book we like most include all things Mushroom Kingdom and meeting Bowser's family!

Who might enjoy it? Mario lovers (of course), 80s kids and young readers.

Our final comments.. Quick and informative read, try include sound effects ;), super fun!

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